The Park of Peace, Rome

Ettore de Conciliis sculpted the image of an angel into one of large standing stones in the Park of Peace in Rome, Italy.In 2002, the Regional Government of Lazio commissioned de Concliis to create the Park of Peace just south of Rome. The project began with the challenge of restoring a 10-hectare (24-acre) park that was essentially in ruins.

De Conciliis’ goal was to transform the park into a living example of peaceful co-existence between world religions and between human beings and nature. To do so, he created three huge stone sculptures dedicated to the three monotheistic religions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

The Christian Cross: One of three sculptures symbolizing a major world religion in the Park of Peace in Rome, Italy.

De Conciliis placed each sculpture on three different hills facing each other, symbolically suggesting that a peaceful dialogue is taking place between them.

The Menorah in the Peace Park in Rome, Italy, is a symbol of Judaism, as well as of the hope that all three religions will find a way to peace among them.

In addition, he designed numerous pathways in the park and lined them with smaller stone boulders, each of which is inscribed with poems and quotations of peace from cultures and religions around the world. His landscape design also included an amphitheatre and many new native trees, shrubs and flowers.

The Islamic Minaret with Star and Crescent Moon represent the faith of Islam in the Peace Park in Rome, Italy.

After seven years of work, the park opened in 2009.